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Helps businesses recruit employees, offers customized training resources as well as funding for training.

Grant-in-Aid (GIA): Grant reimbursement for workforce and skills training upgrade costs for new and expanding companies.

Skills Training Investment Credit (STIC): Tax credit to offset worker training costs.

In-kind assistance through the local community colleges in workforce recruiting, screening and training.

Statewide workforce resource for employee recruitment and training services.

A partnership of regional manufacturers whose purpose is to implement career pathway, apprenticeship-style educational programs that will create a pipeline of highly skilled workers.

State program with registered apprenticeships in: construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, information technology/networking
, service and retail industries, health care, public utilities and the public sector.


Businesses in the Kentucky Lake region can benefit from close proximity to a number of colleges and universities as well as state programs that facilitate and incentivize workforce training.

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