Future Ready

Future Ready: Marshall County Schools

Vision 2022

Marshall County Schools is on a journey to prepare students with the essential skills needed for jobs that don't yet exist. Our district vision for 2022 will require all students in grades 5, 8, and 12 to defend their learning around the future ready skills and dispositions of our graduate profile. In order for students to be prepared for their learning defense, they will collect evidences of learning in a digital portfolio. The collection process is ongoing throughout their K-12 educational process. All students will participate in multiple authentic learning opportunities each year. The products or reflections of these learning experiences will then become evidences for students to use as they develop and plan in their learning defenses.

Marshall Co. Graduate Profile

We believe communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity are core skills that all students need to be successful in their future endeavors. In addition, we believe students must be active local and global citizens and demonstrate character dispositions such as responsibility, perseverance, and empathy. In order for a student to demonstrate proficiency in all of these areas, academic mastery of essential content is needed. In Marshall County Schools, the graduate profile is the driving force behind the educational opportunities we provide for students.

Project Based Learning (PBL)

PBL is an approach to learning in which students actively explore real world problems or challenges. While in the process of creating a possible solution, students will acquire deeper knowledge and develop their future ready skills identified in our graduate profile. K-12 educators are trained in creating these type of learning experiences for students.

Personalized Learning

Personalization in customer experience means designing or producing services and products to meet customers' individual needs and wants. This a concept that we believe should also occur in learning. Marshall County Schools is moving away from a "one size fits all" educational experience and toward an experience that values student voice and choice while giving students more options to determine their learning path, place, and pace.

Learning Defenses

A learning defense begins with a student publicly presenting evidence of learning and growth to a panel of stakeholders. This panel can include teachers, administrators, and community members. The student is asked to defend skills that align explicitly with the graduate profile. Students present the best evidence of academic work they have collected in their digital portfolio. They use these evidences to support their claims about their strengths and growth opportunities.

To learn more, visit Marshall County Schools Deeper Learning page or Deeper Learning Initiatives on Facebook.

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